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Eminem Samples ‘Time Of The Season’ On His New Album. Listen Here!

Posted: Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

It is often the highest form of flattery when an artist covers one of your songs or in the modern age re-works it with original as sample. One of the biggest stars in the world Eminem has done exactly that with The Zombies classic ‘Time Of The Season’ on his new album out this week ‘Marshall Mathers LP2′.

Rod Argent has given the track his blessing and told fans on Facebook, “I do understand people being defensive of a song and its original form, but I have to say – I love the re-working of “Time Of The Season” into “Rhyme Or Reason” on Eminem’s new album …. I love the energy, the invention; the way that Eminem constantly uses words and phrases from the original song as springboards to take off into all sorts of different areas – sometimes inverting the sentiments completely, always weaving complex patterns with fantastic wordplay (and often in a way that’s very funny) – and always full of life! I love “There’s no rhyme and no reason for nothing” being in sound so close to “It’s the time of the season for loving” while being at the same time pretty much the total antithesis of the original phrase in meaning. It absolutely mirrors the song while at the same time sending it tumbling into a different universe!

It has become a TOTALLY different work of art, rather than being, for instance, a limp cover. And that’s its strength. It doesn’t in any way threaten the original song or the original record! Rod x”

Listen on Spotify to the Eminem track here  

Eminem – Rhyme Or Reason

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